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is the largest integrated death care service provider in Asia. We offer premium quality burial plots, niches and tomb design and construction services in terms of design, landscaping, materials used for building and amenities, site maintenance, and customer services, as well as high quality and reliable funeral services a one-stop comprehensive service center. This leadership position is further strengthened by the fact that NV is the only integrated sole provider for bereavement services in the market.

Our vision is to be a caring and responsible organization, we are committed to providing quality service to clients with personal care and attention. We are committed to providing the best service with personalized care and attention to the bereaved families, as a reliable, caring, responsible and professional death care service provider.

With its modern facilities, design and innovation, Nirvana strives to achieve better professional service with empathy and care, not only preserving but enriching the fine Chinese bereavement culture. Nirvana shows all quality and tranquility for a place of peaceful resting, giving heirs a peace of mind while making the deceased respectable.

Death comes to everyone, whether we like it or not. In other words, death is inevitable. However, despite knowing that our life span is limited, we would still grieve, and appear helpless, in times of departure of our loved ones.

How would you arrange for your own death, knowing you have only 3 months to live? If we can do a pre-planning in accordance to our own wish, thereby taking care of the cumbersome matters which our family would need to face in times of our own departure, it would all be worthwhile.

Taking charge of our own lives, as well as that of our family members’ constitutes the true meaning of per-planning.